A-FTNSS Foam roller set black



A-FTNSS Foam roller set black



The A-FTNSS Foam Roller set Black is the ideal combination to warm up your muscles, remove knots from your muscles or give your own massage. Foam Rollers are widely used for physiotherapy. Thanks to the different shapes you can massage nodes in an ultimate way.

In addition, the Foam roller is also widely used as a warming-up for sports. Are you going to the gym? Running? or yoga? Always warm your muscles first! Our black foam rolls are very practical and easy to carry.

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Why using a foam roller?

The A-FTNSS Foam roller set black can be used to decrease pain and add mobility to muscles. Their purpose is to release tension while promoting blood flow and lubricating the joints. They are used by athletes to help them recover and rehabilitate after an injury, or to increase flexibility and range of motion. You should use a foam roller to decrease pain and increase mobility. They are usually used for people with low back pain, but they can also be used for shoulder pain. Or other muscles in your body. 

Foam rolling is a common practice in many fitness circles. The foam roller can be used on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to alleviate tension and pain, but it can also be used for self-massage. If you foam roll on your calves, for example, you can help to alleviate the tension in your Achilles’ tendon.

Why the A-FTNSS Foam roller set black?

  • The perfect combination: Our foam roller fits in any luggage. Whether in the office, at home or in the gym, our set is also suitable for warm-up of the body before exercise or for relaxation after exercise.
  • Ideal for physiotherapy and all sports: Yoga, Pilates, rugby, boxing, running, as well as relieving back pain and tension in the back or spine.
  • Fit and healthy: Promotes blood circulation and strengthens the muscles.
  • Sustainable: Our product is 100% made of Eva foam, which has a high durability.
  • Practical and handy: The rollers are easy to clean with a damp cloth and thanks to the 2 in 1 concept, the inner massage roller fits into the cavity of the outer foam roller.

Buying a Foam Roller Set Black?

A-FTNSS shares exactly the same opinion. Our Foam roller 2 in 1 set is the perfect basis for a healthy and happy life. The A-FTNSS foam roller set consists of two parts, an inner and an outer part. The inner part is black and soft and is recommended for the beginners, since you are not used to having such a targeted massage of the fascia at the beginning.

The outer part is black, medium hard and has a ribbed structure. We do recommend, for advanced or professional athletes, for strengthening the muscle.

The outer roller is 33 * 14 cm and the inner roller 33 * 10 cm with a total weight less than 1 kilo and thus can be transported everywhere. Prefer a different color? Check out our Orange foam roller?

With our set you save time and money on expensive massages and your fitness training

gets a whole new meaning. It is a device for the whole family of miracles for pain, tension, cellulite.

So, this is why you must be using a foam roller

A foam roller is a type of massage tool used to apply pressure to muscles and reduce tension. They are often used as self-myofascial release (SMFR) or as a warm-up tool before an activity. They are good for those who want to increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as those who want to reduce inflexibility, tension and pain. Furthermore, they can also be used to improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury. It is a good tool for those who want to increase blood flow to the muscles and reduce fatigue. Finally, foam rollers are a good tool to use during a rehabilitation program.

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Weight 0,86 kg
Dimensions 33 × 14 × 14 cm



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33 x 14 x 14 cm


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