A-FTNSS Resistance band set



A-FTNSS Resistance band set



The A-FTNSS resistance bands come in a set of 3 and have a maximum resistance of 75 kg.

The resistance bands are ideal for adding extra resistance to your exercise. The perfect way to train your lower body even better and get even more results with your upper legs, buttocks and abs.


Resistance Band

With the resistance band you will make your home exercises even more effective! A resistance band, also known as a “booty band” adds extra resistance and challenge to your workout. This is the perfect way to train your lower body even better and get more results with your upper legs, buttocks and abs. Order your resistance band at A-FTNSS and start tomorrow with getting even more leg & booty gains.

How does a resistance band work?

A resistance band works very simply. You place the band around your upper legs while doing your exercises. The elastic band adds extra resistance which will train your muscles even more effectively.

Everyone can use a resistance band. Our resistance bands are delivered in a set of three pieces. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or seasoned pro: you will always get extra challenge and resistance at your level. The three bands provide a low, medium or high extra resistance. So they grow with your level, or you can choose different resistances for different exercises. The three bands have different sizes, but are designed so that they can be used optimally by both men and women of all heights.

Quality ensures lasting resistance

Our resistance band consists of a combination of polyester, cotton and latex. The band is sewn extra firmly, which ensures a strong band that is elastic and offers perfect resistance. Time after time. The bands of A-FTNSS meet the highest quality standards and are made to provide extra resistance, challenge and results in many workouts.

Multifunctional and suitable for work-outs

How you use your resistance band is entirely up to you. Some use them while lifting or doing other fitness exercises. But they are also perfect to use during Pilates, (hot) yoga or a HIIT workout.

Comfortable to use

A resistance band is a wonderful and effective way to train. Exercises that you might be doing on autopilot, suddenly offer the challenge you crave. But only a sturdy resistance band will not help you much if it doesn’t fit like a glove. Our bands are comfortable and thanks to the extra width they do not cut into the skin. The bottom of the band is soft and stays in place.

Take them with you

Some fitness accessories can only be used at home or on location. Resistance bands are not only effective, but also super convenient. They fit in any bag, so you can take them anywhere. Do not think only at home or in the gym, even on vacation you can do your favorite exercises with the help of the resistance band. This way you can do your workout wherever you go and stay in shape.

Order now, train tomorrow

Order your resistance band now at A-FTNSS. Order on working days before 16:00, we will ship your order today, and you can start training tomorrow.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 1,5 × 30 × 4 cm


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