A-FTNSS Yoga Block Cork (22.7x12x7.5)


A-FTNSS Yoga Block Cork (22.7x12x7.5)


The A-FTNSS Yoga Block Cork Small will be perfect for stability while doing your yoga exercises. Are you a beginning or advanced yogi? You will always busy with stepping up to reach a new goal. With this small yoga block you can work to reach your next yoga goals!

✅  Made from 100% Portuguese cork

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Cork Yoga Blocks Set
Cork Yoga Blocks Set

Why a yoga block cork?

Suitable for everyone and everything

Our Small Yoga Block is suitable for beginners or advanced yoga students as well as for yoga teachers and is ideal for all yoga styles: from Bikram, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga as well as for back, stretching and blockades, Pilates training.

Natural material

Our Yoga block is made of 100% natural cork, environmentally friendly, of sustainable use of resources

Benefits only

The A-FTNSS small yoga block is hygienic, antimicrobial, odorless and has versatile applications

Stability and support

Our small yoga block allows efficient yoga sessions, is very grippy and non-slip even in sweaty exercises.


Produced from 100% natural cork, our small yoga block will support you for years. Your faithful new friend.

Yoga Block Blue and Cork
Yoga Block Blue and Cork

Yoga Block Cork Small

Everything needs to be done quickly and everything has to work immediately.

Unfortunately, this has become a trend, both in the workplace and in the workplace also in the private environment. Yoga helps to reduce stress, when stretched, strengthens the muscles and has many positive effects on our health.

We all feel the need to calm our soul, the inner one Feeling peace and being clear and focused. Yoga exercises help to become a beautiful and well-trained one Body and also increases the self-confidence. Yoga gives people strength, energy and vitality. Yoga is for alleda. Therefore yoga and nature belong together. Yoga reminds us of nature and the respect that nature deserves.

Our big yoga block is produced from cork, 100% renewable Natural material that is unique in its properties. Our yoga cork has antiallergic and antibacterial properties through the self-contained cork cells, so no dust and dirt can penetrate into the surface. It is perfect for allergy sufferers and sensitive persons. With a simple wipe, our cork is clean.

Yoga Block Cork Small Dimensions

Our natural cork is also odorless, you smell the nature purund no chemistry. It is a By its rounded edges is the yoga lot safe accessory for the various yoga exercises. With its optimum size 22.7 x 12 x 7.5 cm our log is ideal for beginners to advanced as well as classic styles Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga as well as dynamic styles like Ashtanga Yoga or Jivamukti Yoga.

With the A-FTNSS cork block you have a piece of nature in your house and a pleasant feeling on your skin.

Additional information

Dimensions 22,7 × 12 × 7,5 cm







22.7 x 12 x 7.5 cm


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