A-FTNSS Yoga Block Set Cork (block & strap)



A-FTNSS Yoga Block Set Cork (block & strap)



Get the best out of your yoga with the A-FTNSS Yoga Block Set Cork. This yoga block set contains one Yoga Block Cork and one yoga strap. The Cork is made form premium eco-friendly materials in a good environment.

The Cork yoga block set is perfect for beginning and advanced yoga practitioners and provide the perfect surface when you practice yoga.

✅  Made from 100% Portuguese cork


Why the A-FTNSS Yoga Block Set Cork?

Pure nature and sustainability

The A-FTNSS Yoga Block is a natural product made of 100% natural cork, is vegan and sustainable through its structure and 100% recyclable. The yoga belt is made of skin-friendly cotton, which is free of pollutants.

Versatile application

Suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. Our yoga set with block and strap supports all known yoga (like Trikonasana or Chakrasana) and Pilates exercises.

Safe, light and robust

The material of the yoga block is light, but non-slip so that you can train stable and safe. Nevertheless, the block is robust with every body weight.


Cork Yoga Blocks Set
Cork Yoga Blocks Set

Practical and space-saving

The yoga block is easy to clean, with a damp cloth and can be stowed anywhere.

Your loyal companion

Whether on the road in free, in the studio or at home the A-FTNSS Yogaset can be taken anywhere without any problems.

#Yoga is pure nature and we as humans have responsibility towards nature

Yoga block cork
A-FTNSS Yoga block cork

Yoga Block Set Cork

The old yogis practiced yoga in nature. Yoga is pure nature, it gives us Power and bring us back to our nature. Yoga brings together the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air. The term yoga in itself means “union” or “Integration” of the body to the soul.

We as A-FTNSS appreciate the connection between yoga and nature and as people on this planet we show gratitude through that Take on a small part of the responsibility to nature.

Our set consisted of Yoga Block and Yoga Belt is a 100% natural product. The yoga block, a true classic, is made of cork that is a natural one is renewable resource. In relation to its material density, The cork is very stable but light and is therefore excellent as a material for yoga accessories and also for many other sports. The harvest of the cork is very gentle and the trees will not be hurt.

EVA Foam VS Cork Yoga Blocks
EVA Foam VS Cork Yoga Blocks

Yoga Block Cork Dimensions

Another advantage of the cork is that it does not smell and is warm to the touch. The yoga block is also a good size, namely 22.7 x 12 x 7.5 cm. The yoga harness is made of 100% cotton, also suitable for the washing machine and easily adapt by the metal ring.

The yoga belt helps to improve flexibility, while optimising the Balance, increases stamina and strength and facilitates stretching.

The A-FTNSS Yoga Set is for all types of yoga such as: Iyengar, Vini, Anusara, Ashtanga and Power Yoga. Due to its low weight, our yoga set can be everywhere get picked up. The yoga set is for yoga fans and not just a must-have that’s worth it

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 22,7 × 12 × 7,5 cm







22.7 x 12 x 7.5 cm

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