Yoga Blocks Foam

Yoga blocks made of EVA foam offer the perfect support for your yoga workout. When you are doing an exercise the EVA foam offers support in a soft way. We have chosen a medium hardness so that this will be perfect for every yogi for all yoga exercises!

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The benefits of a yoga block of EVA foam

As with yoga blocks made of other materials, a yoga block made of foam helps improve your flexibility, form and balance. Of all the yoga block materials, EVA foam is the softest. An added benefit of this material is that it is very light. This makes it easy to take foam yoga blocks with you wherever you go. 

Because of the light and soft material an EVA foam yoga block is very suitable for beginning yogis. As a beginner yogi you are not used to the postures and the pressure on your body. Take your spine as an example. In several exercises, such as the supported bridge pose, you place the yoga block between your shoulder blades. The body has to get used to the pressure on your spine. A yoga block made of foam springs a little and feels soft. This allows your spine to get used to the exercise without it feeling hard and pressing on the skin. 

Different colors EVA foam yoga block

An EVA foam yoga block is available in several colors. For example, you might have a yoga block that matches your outfit or a color that fellow yogis don’t have. With a bright color, you won’t confuse your yoga blocks with those of a fellow yogi!

Rounded corners for the right support

A yoga block is used to support or grasp. The nice thing about an EVA foam yoga block are the soft rounded corners. So you can also enjoy the right support and comfort on the sloped side. 

Environmentally friendly EVA foam yoga blocks

If you are looking for a conscious lifestyle then the A-FTNSS EVA foam yoga blocks fit it. The EVA foam yoga blocks are made of eco-friendly EVA foam material. From now on, you can perform your yoga exercises without worrying about burdening the environment. What are you waiting for!

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