A-FTNSS Yoga mat blue



A-FTNSS Yoga mat blue



The A-FTNSS yoga mat blue is extra thick. With a thickness of 7 mm, the mat offers fine support for various postures and exercises.

The coarse texture at the bottom of the mat provides extra grip on the floor, while the fine texture at the top keeps you from slipping.


The A-FTNSS yoga mat blue is extra thick (7 mm) and has a good grip. The yoga mat is blue on one side and purple on the other. The mat is suitable for intensive use and long lasting. The thickness of the mat gives extra comfort times yoga and fitness exercises.

A good yoga mat is obviously indispensable for the true yogi. You want to be comfortable during your exercises and have a good grip, only then you can perform your exercise optimally. The A-FTNSS yoga mat blue helps you with this! You can take the mat anywhere and start a session whenever you want. At home, at work, on the road or at the gym. One mat is not the other: read on to find out what makes A-FTNSS yoga mats the best.

Yoga mats are suitable for any type of fitness activity. Whether you do yoga, pilates, or meditation, you will get many benefits from using a yoga mat. You can also use a yoga mat to exercise abs, legs, arms, and even the back. The A-FTNSS yoga mats are also suitable for beginners since most beginning yogis are looking for a mat with a sticky surface. This surface will help to reduce slipping during practice and also helps to work on your balance.

Yoga mats in various colors

Our yoga mats come in a variety of colors. With a choice of pink or black there is a suitable color for everyone. You want to do your yoga exercises in style! Also nice: the mat has a different color on both sides.

Top quality, and you feel it

A good yoga mat offers sufficient support and ensures that you can do your exercises comfortably. Our mats are extra thick (7 millimeters) and of top quality. You’ll feel it as soon as you step on them. They offer optimal support, grip and cushioning so you can take any position without being bothered by a hard surface, whether inside or outside. The thickness and grip of the mat make the exercises extra comfortable and the final relaxation extra relaxed.

Thick yoga mat for comfort

The extra thick yoga mat in blue is ideal for training on cold surfaces or if you easily suffer from joint pain. A thick mat is also very comfortable for the quieter exercises. With a length of 1.83 meters and width of 61 centimeters they are suitable for all body sizes.

The quality of our yoga mats is not only reflected in the feel, but also in the durability. Even with intensive use, the A-FTNSS yoga mat blue will last a long time. However, with our yoga mats you are assured of a long time yoga enjoyment.

Safe anti-slip layer

Stability and grip are indispensable to perform all your positions properly. Therefore, our mats are equipped with a non-slip layer. They provide your feet and hands with the necessary grip to remain stable, without slipping. The underside of the yoga mats has also been thought of: thanks to the coarse texture, these yoga mats offer good grip on all surfaces.

Kind to the skin

The A-FTNSS yoga mat blue is made of TPE material: thermoplastic elastomer. This has softness, suppleness and firmness. People with a rubber, latex or PVC allergy can use this mat without any problems.

Order directly in the webshop

Do you want a good yoga mat that offers optimal support, grip and cushioning? Order one of our yoga mats in blue, black or pink today and experience the quality of A-FTNSS. Do you have any questions or would you like some advice? Please contact us!


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